Core Values

Solidarity :-

Microinsurance coverage will be extended to women workers and their family members, based on the principle of mutual help and solidarity.

Self-Help :-

VimoSEWA will run as a sustainable, women-run and women-owned cooperative, with women as policy-holders contributing annual premium.

Financial Sustainability :-

Financial sustainability of VimoSEWA , including viability of each line of business is of prime importance.

Integrated coverage :-

Women and their families will be provided integrated (bundled) life and non-life products, developed according to their needs. Unbundled products will also be available to them.

Policy action :-

Policy action will be initiated on issues emerging from our experience, including, removal of service tax and reduction of capital requirement to promote microinsurance organizations. VimoSEWA will actively promote policies that ensure the widest possible social protection through microinsurance. We will promote universal coverage