Data Managment :-

VimoSEWA has been offering voluntary microinsurance products for the low income segment since 1992. In course of these twenty years we have enrolled almost 2 million people and processed over 50,000 claims. Capturing and mining data for enrolment and claims has been a top priority with VimoSEWA. We started developing an in-house software during the year 2002-03. At that point, we had only two variants of our bundled products and hence the software was designed accordingly. Over the years, as our operations expanded to newer territories and products, the software also had to be evolved accordingly.
Today we have a robust SQL Server 2005 database management system and our frontend applications are based on .net 2008. Being a full-service model all enrolments and claims are processed at VimoSEWA before they are transmitted to respective insurers. We also work on web based software applications provided by insurers for issuance of policies. Our application enables import of data from MS Excel and such other spreadsheet applications.
Regular monitoring and evaluation of the programme is done through data extracted from the system. We have detailed monthly, quarterly and yearly M&E Report formats. Apart from this specific requirements for claims analysis, product development and donor reporting are also catered to by the database management system.

Claims Servicing :-

An insurance claim is the only occasion that provides proof of the concept to the customer. Since our clientele is not too conversant with formal sector claims documentation, we playu a big role in facilitating them. We have a full-fledged claims department that registers and processes all claims. A toll free number is available to every customer for claims intimation. Once the claim is intimated, the documentary requirements for that claim are explained toi the customer. Onsite visits are also made by dedicated personnel for facilitation as well as verification. A thorough scrutiny takes place before the claim file is sent to the insurer. The insurer gets the complete set of claims documents along with a claim note from VimoSEWA. All claims are registered and processed through a software application thus enabling us to track the status of each claim on a real time basis. All rejected claims are reviewed by senior team members before final disposal. Rejected claims that fall in some grey area are referred back to the concerned insurer with appropriate representation. Rejections are intimated to members clearly describing the reasons for rejection. A detailed analysis of various trends of incidence and severity is done periodically.