Marketing & Education

The National Insurance VimoSEWA Cooperative Ltd derives its strength for marketing from SEWA's existing service delivery system. Cooperatives and producers' groups promoted by SEWA, SEWA Bank's savings and credit groups and other units of SEWA are all potential distribution vehicles for SEWA Insurance. We also enter into partnerships with other NGOs / MFIs for distribution of our microinsurance products.

The key selling points for promotion of VinoSEWA's package are :-

Unique life and non-life package for unorganized sector.
Service at doorstep.
Family coverage for complete security.
Customised products for the low income segement at a price affordable to them.

VimoSEWA cooperative's existing service delivery structure is as under :-

1. SEWA Union :-

Trade Committee.
Area Leaders (Aagewans).

2. SEWA Bank :-

Extension Counters.
Area Leaders.
Over 3,000 Village Savings & Credit Groups.

2. Cooperatives :-

Field Workers.
Service Centres.
Area Leaders.
Producers' Groups.
Health Care & Child Care Centres.

Over and above this structure, insurance services are marketed and delivered through grassroots level leaders called as Vimo Saathis. This is a dedicated team of women who are central to the National Insurance VimoSEWA Cooperative Ltd programme. They perform the following tasks :-

1. Promotion and Education :-

Vimo aagewans provide potential and existing members information with regard to VimoSEWA. This includes information on enrollment procedures, description of procedures for preparing one's claim (i.e. information on all the documents required) and other details pertaining to VimoSEWA. Vimo aagewans actively encourage women to enroll and organise small information-cum-promotional training sessions both in their neighbourhoods and at SEWA.

2. Enrollment :-

Vimo aagewans actively encourage and enroll women. Vimo agewans provide newly enrolled members with a receipt and all promotional literature on VimoSEWA.

3. Assistance in Claim Processing :-

The agewans assists members in filing claims. They help them to obtain the required documents in specific time frame. They follow up with the claims processing on behalf of their member till a satisfactory settlement is reached.

4. Feedback, Follow-up and Tracking :-

Agewans maintain regular contact with insured members to ensure quality services and client satisfaction. These grass root organizers serve as bridge between the members and National Insurance VimoSEWA Cooperative Ltd by providing constant feedback to both.