Micro Insurance

  • VimoSEWA would be involved in the needs assessment studies conducted in each country to understand the kind of risks faced by local people, their current risk mitigation strategies and their needs for insurance. This would entail understanding both their priorities (e.g. coverage for sickness, life, accident etc) and how much premium they can pay, how much their government is willing to match (if at all).
  • Plans for micro-insurance would be developed—either through existing microfinance organizations (as an "add-on") or as stand-alone micro-insurance organizations like cooperatives.
  • Capacity-building on running insurance at community level, consumer education, claims-processing and other operations would be offered, mainly through exchange visits to VimoSEWA in Ahmedabad. VimoSEWA would help the local organizations develop and execute plans for consumer/member education on insurance at grass root level.
  • By the end of the project period, an understanding would be created among organizations in the countries included in the project, and some of the local people they work with on micro-insurance, what it is and how it can be run.
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