Microenterprise and Livelihood promotion

  • As in the case of microfinance above, SEWA Cooperative Federation and SEWA Bharat would be a part of the overall need assessment study to be undertaken in each country. They will also examine local conditions, including sources of raw materials, access to working capital, skill development, design development, the market for various products and services and marketing arrangements.
  • Working with local organizations in each country, they will develop business plans for microenterprises. Similarly, having understood the livelihoods of local people, the would work with them to support and further develop these in various ways like skill development training, marketing support etc.
  • Capacity-building, as in the case of microfinance will be undertaken, with a combination of in-country sessions and exchange visits to see and learn from SEWA's experiences, especially with cooperatives.
  • By the end of the project period, the local organizations would have a clear plan on how to strengthen existing livelihoods and start up microenterprises. SEWA Cooperative Federation and SEWA Bharat would help them with linkages for working capital, marketing and skill development.
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