Outcome and Deliverables

  • Assessment studies (one per country) on the needs and priorities of local people in the 5 project countries with regard to microfinance, microenterprise, micro-insurance and health and child care.
  • 5 reports of capacity-building needs from workshops in each of the five countries of this project.
  • Exposure visits to SEWA and for SEWA grassroots leaders to the five African countries. At least five visits to SEWA from the five countries and five from SEWA—a total of 10 visits will be undertaken, facilitating mutual learning and sharing of "what works" at the grass root level, strategies for organizing workers and building their solidarity, their membership-based organizations etc.
  • Structured training sessions in the five priority activities (microfinance, microenterprise, micro-insurance, health and child care and capacity-building). We will conduct two trainings per country per year which will cover all the activities.
  • Plans for microfinance, microenterprise, micro-insurance, health and child care and capacity-building would be developed for each of the five countries.
  • Linkages to strengthen and develop each of the five priority activities will be developed, enabling the implementing organizations in each of the five countries to move forward on the plans they have developed.
  • Direction for future collaboration and support of African countries will emerge through a final project report.
  • All reports / documents shall be submitted both in Hard & Soft Copies to MEA.
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